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Pictures of before and after Northwest Roofing & Siding was contracted to install a new roof.

  Here for you are several slide show presentations of roofing repairs, re-roofing and new construction projects completed over the last 25 years.
  Shake roof conversion

Typical shake roof conversion.

Previously a shake roof; converted to a composition roof. Most shake to comp conversions require sheeting.

Product used: Pabco Paramount Advantage.

  Roof repairs

Roof repairs.

Minor repairs performed on this roof including replacement of missing shingles, refastening a flue pipe, as well as finishing the installment of a gutter, downspout, and splash guard.

  Apartment Complex

An Apartment Complex

Mountlake Meadows Condominiums in Mountlake Terrace. 21303 50th Ave West

Reducing costs, a second roof is installed over the original.

Product used: Pabco Premier in Antique Black.





25 Years of Northwest roofing, residential and commercial.

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  A historic home.

A new roof for an historic home.

A historic home in Eastern Washington. Originally it was roofed with wood shingles.

Original shingles were removed, roof resheeted and a Gaf Elk roof in a charcoal color was installed.

  Pacific West Condo's

Cost Savings

Pacific West Condos in Everett off 18th Ave West.

This roof was recovered. A second layer was added to reduce overall cost.

Product used: Pabco Premier in Antique Black.



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